Friday, November 24, 2017

Anatomy Of The State

This photo was taken from one of my books entitled "Anatomy Of The State" -- by Murray Rothbard. What he describes in this chapter of his book (What The State Fears) is that the State uses maximum propaganda to make people believe that when they fight in a war initiated by the State, they are defending themselves, when, in fact, they are defending the State and the State's interests. He (Murray) also notes that the State fears an uprising or revolt by its subjects or fear being conquered by another Nation State. In my opinion, the American government has nothing to fear, because many of its subjects are deeply brainwashed by propaganda and not fight back. Nor do they study to gain the intellect necessary to overcome their government's brainwashing. Yes, it's very unfortunate, indeed.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Shelby High School Student Is Not The Only One To Blame

 Shelby High School

 The Shelby High School student, in Shelby, Ohio, who was arrested last week, I know him personally. The problem with his situation is that he was only responding to threats and rumors circulating around the school he attends. There were rumors that a student was gong to come and shoot up the school. So the student who was arrested for making counter threats was only trying to scare off the person who had made the first threats. So the student took to social media to make counter threats and was arrested for it. But why didn't the student who made the first threats get prosecuted? Why didn't the students who were spreading the rumors get in trouble? This is still a form of “inducing panic” pursuant to ORC 2917.31, because the original threats and rumors took place in a public place – school, and caused panic and a reaction from the student who was arrested.

Now, I'm not going to completely excuse anyone's bad decisions, but I have to look at things from a logical and honest perspective. Here are some facts: The student who made the counter threats did not necessarily have access to guns. He was not in a public place when he made the counter threats, and no evacuations had to be performed as a result. People, especially teenagers, say dumb things on social media all the time. The student who made the counter threats didn't want to go to school the next day: he said that he feared for his life. He didn't know he was breaking the law by making counter threats. In fact, most teenagers do not know the law, and no one really educates them about the law. Even more troubling, many adults do know the law, and most of them break the law all the time without even knowing it, because there are way too many laws on the law book. Even a cop told me one time, “There are so many laws; we are unable to enforce them all.” So there has to be a level of sympathy and accountability for certain people and situations as they pertain to the law.

But this is just a lesson for that young man, but he does not need to be an example. There is way too much of that in America. No more, I say.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

We are neither free nor brave

Yeah, but Americans won't do anything about it. Because they never fight back!

I do not have blood on my hand: Here's why

  1. I do not take the liberty to vote for people running for public offices, especially the presidential seat. If these people send troops overseas to kill innocent people, my hands won't have any blood on them, because I didn't vote. If these people order cops to beat up on people and lock people up for asserting their constitutional and human rights, my mind and hands will be clear of that as well. But if I help put these people in office, and they do something crazy, I won't be able to sleep at night.
  2. And if I didn't put these people in office, then they shouldn't be able to flex their power over me. I didn't asked to be ruled by them, nor have I asked them to do anything for me. There is no social contract in place that I remember signing that authorized them to do so.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Human evolution is Bullsh*t

 "Evolution say people came from monkeys and the question is 'why is there still monkeys?' You dumb mothe*fu*ker you." --Katt Williams

I love Katt Williams. But I digress. If we do, in fact, evolve, then many of us should have gotten much smarter and wiser over time, but we haven't. Have racism, sexism, classicism, wars, murder and poverty been done away with by human beings who are evolving and getting smarter? Nope! Human beings are going in reverse -- devolving. Everything else is getting smarter, except human beings. Water is getting smarter (Smart Water). Cell phones are getting smarter (Smart Phones). Watches are getting smarter (Smart Watches). TVs are getting smarter (Smart TVs). Everything else is getting smarter, leaving us behind. Those things I just named, they do what we can't do or too lazy to do. Evolution is ,in fact, true for technology, but not true for biology, as far as I can see. Our style of clothes may change. Our hairstyle may change, and our bodies may get fatter or skinnier because of the food we ingest, but we are not evolving.

I've been on this earth for 38 years, and I haven't seen humans evolve into anything different. I've seen human behavior get worse as technology evolve, but that's it. Evolution as far as humans are concerned is utter BS!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Corrupt Child Support Industial Complex (Revisited)

This is child support in a nutshell
(pseudo alimony).

There are dozens of stories of people killing over child support – people who felt they were victimized by the Child-Support Program. Instead of people scratching their heads and admitting that something is wrong with the system, they want to defend the system by writing people off as being “crazy” or “psycho”, people who were driven mad and went off to kill their ex-wives, ex-husbands or kids. No one wants to see the system as the motivating factor behind the killings or dysfunction. I say look at the laws enforced by Child Support Enforcement Agencies and the Courts. Therefrom, we can get a clearer picture as to why child-support casualties transpire. Shamefully, the best people can do is say, "Those people are 'psycho' or 'crazy'." This is what people say anytime a killing strikes. No intellectual thoughts or investigations as to why people resort to murder. Therefore, nothing ever changes, and if something does change, it resulted from a slow and painful process. Why? Because many people in the majority do not read or do independent research and thus find themselves indoctrinated by government propaganda instead.
In the mix of all this child-support corruption and chicanery, the “states” are getting wages, funds and/or incentive money behind collecting and enforcing child support – plus a big healthy annual bonus to top it off. This incentive money is given to them by the federal government under, and pursuant to, Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and/or Title 42 U.S.C 658. Said incentives are the fire-starters of the corruption you see, today, in family courts. Hence, it is safe to say, from the evidence presented here, that children in the U.S. are being used as pawns and money-making machines by the State and many low-life custodial parents.
Lastly, just take a serious look at the chaos, murder and dysfunction the Child-Support Program produces (backed up by real headlines that I've acquired throughout the course of my research on the Child-Support Program), “Man ordered to pay child support for child that’s not his,” “Gunman kills 4 who collected child support payments,” “Man angry over child support kills mother of his children” and “Father goes to jail after over-paying child support”. As Neely Fuller Jr. once stated, "Any system that produces injustice is an unjust system."The Child-Support Program has produced egregious injustices. Most of the injustices on which I expounded in the aforesaid sentence cultivates the following: extortion, irresponsibility, promiscuity in young women, single-parent homes, chaos and murder. Since the State intentionally passes nonsense laws that ultimately create discord among human beings, whatever crimes are committed as a result of those laws, it is therefore right and/or correct to charge the State with those crimes.
If any of you are looking to beat the Child-Support System at its own game, follow this link:

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Clothes don't make the man, the man makes the man: An article on racist dress codes

Back in 2011, I wrote an article in the Mansfield News Journal about several bars and clubs implementing, what many perceive to be, racist dress codes. One bar, in particular, was headed by a well-known racist. There were talks of this particular owner for years. There were rumors of him removing Hennessy from his inventory because he knew that more black people than white people drink Hennessy. There was another incident (10 months ago) involving the same owner. The issue, of course, was about him  closing down his establishment early because he had an influx of mostly black people entering his bar. Yet when I wrote an article exposing this guy's racist dress codes and his racist behavior in general, many of his minions and/or supporters verbally attacked me in the comment section of my article. They used all kinds of shaming tactics, etc. They called me a reverse racist; though there is no such thing as a reverse racist. A racist is a racist. They accursed me of playing the race card. which is nothing more than a shaming tactic to get me to stop talking about the race issue. Nevertheless, I maintained my position, and, in fact, I wrote another article  responding to the criticism and shaming tactics of those who wanted me to shut up and not tell the truth.

Here is the article:

"From the outset, I want to make it very clear that I am against any form of discrimination. I don't care who it is (black or white). If any person uses sexist, racist and discriminatory implements, I will write about it. And one shall feel guilty if it sounds like I'm talking about him or her. Furthermore, using shaming language or tactics to get me to stop talking about race issue, gender issues and other issues that confront the human race will not deter my efforts or ability to address the forgoing issues. It will only amplify my position. 

Using shaming language or tactics, such as calling a person racist or sexist for addressing race issues and gender issues, will only manifest guilt complex of the party using the shaming language. The guilty party, however, will inevitably resort to using immature language and shaming tactics as they ooze with anger instead of logic. They, of course, do this behind a computer screen -- mind you. It's to be expected. Oh, yes. 

Moreover, to respond to the unenlightened commentators of my last letter, I do not subscribe to anyone playing the race card. I will expose anyone who is doing so. In addition, I will not apologize for telling the truth, nor will I condone discriminatory dress codes or discrimination, period. I do, however, agree that people should not have their pants sagging, showing their underwear. But white T's? Come on. That dress code is over the top for any club or bar that's not highly exquisite. Some establishments utilize stupid because they think that certain clothes are affiliated with gangsters and thugs. That's funny. And sometimes they utilize dress codes as an apparatus to detour certain people. So many people do this out of ignorance. Clothes don't cause drama; people cause drama through stupidity."

"Note: Gangsters wear suits and dressy clothes, too. Some of the biggest gangsters and pimps are in the U.S. government. You follow? The clothes don't make the man, you see? The man makes the man."

Now, let me ask the reader of this article some honest and important questions. If I say I don't want people who wear hunter's camouflage clothes to enter my establishment. Which people am I targeting? More than likely, I am targeting white males who are deemed as Hillbillies and rural white-males who love hunting. If I say I don't want women who wear red rubies on their foreheads to enter into my establishment. Which women am I referring to? More than likely, I am referring to Indian women. It is a well-known fact that difference races have difference cultures and/or traditions. And clothes, apparel, the way people dress, are usually associated with those cultures and/or traditions.

Thugs and gangsters, unfortunately, are a part of every race and are known to wear two-piece suits, urban clothes, tropical clothes, etc. You get the point. Gangsters and thugs dress universally. They don't dress a particular way. 

Dress codes in many clubs, bars, etc., are not meant to keep out thugs and gangsters. They are meant to restrict the culture of, and detour, certain races of people. Therefore, many dress codes, in essence, have a racist intent behind them. But racist personalities try to hide this fact. Racists don't like to be called racist. In fact,  many of them do not see themselves as racists. If we are going to deal with the race problem, we are going to have to start being honest. Now is a good time to start.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Stop lying on Tupac and his use of the words "Thug" and "Thug Life"

People and the media are still lying on Tupac and his use of the words "Thug" and "Thug Life". They lied on Tupac when he was alive and they're still lying on the man 19-years later after his death. That's the problem with people in Western-World countries, especially in America; they have no qualms or regrets when they lie on people or when they give out false information on events, things and people. Now, it's time to set the record straight, with this article.

When Tupac used the phrase "Thug Life", he was not talking about a life of robbing people, murdering people and raping people. The phrase "Thug Life", as defined by Tupac, means "The-Hate-U-Give Little-Infants-Fucks-Everyone". Meaning, when you feed a child hate, that's what that child will grow up to be, like the people we see in the ghettos across United States. Letting a child grow up in poverty, and an atmosphere of hate and racism, this is what creates a thug. The online Urban Dictionary noted Tupac's definition of a thug. It quoted Tupac as stating, "A thug is someone who is going through struggles, has gone through struggles, and continues to live day by day with nothing for them. That person is a thug. and the life they are living is the thug life. A thug is NOT a gangster." Now, on to the word "nigga". The word "nigga", as defined by Tupac, means "Never-Ignorant-Getting-Goals-Accomplished". The aforementioned is a testament of Tupac's brilliance. But the media wanted to portray -- and still portrays -- him as a boogeyman. No surprise!

Tupac was a one-of-a-kind rapper, a revolutionary rapper, not so much a gangster rapper. His lyrics only got a little harsher when he went to prison behind trumped up charges of sexual assault. And Tupac, I believe, was killed by agents of the government, the same government that tried to make Tupac's death appear as if it were street related. And who wouldn't believe this, given Tupac's background?  In both cases in which Tupac was shot (in 1994 and 1996), neither a suspect nor a gun was ever found. Hmm.

Tupac was a great poet and visionary whose life was cut short. I don't remember gangsters composing songs like "Dear Mama", "Brenda's Got A Baby", "Keep Ya Head Up" and "The Good Die Young". These songs were composed and recorded by the one and only, Tupac Shakur, a man of extraordinary compassion and vision. If there are any gangsters or thugs, as defined by the "Webster's  Dictionary", those thugs and gangsters are sitting in the White House, in the Mayor's office, in the Capital Building, and in the Police Departments across the nation. These people don't give a damn about us or our children. They have robbed, lied and murdered people. But when private citizens do these things, they are labeled criminals and thugs. How about that? That doesn't seem very fair, does it?
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