Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Freedom is not free

Freedom is not free! And you can say that again. In reference to the aforementioned, there is nothing more vicious and offensive to a person's spirit than to confine a person to his/her house or track their every move by way of an electronic ankle bracelet. The electronic bracelet, however, is connected to a tracking device and this is how the Probation Department keeps track of its enslaved subjects. And that's not all; there's more! The cost to put this subjugational equipment (the electronic ankle bracelet and tracking device) into operation is paid at the enslaved subject's expense. The cost of this equipment may vary state to state; but in Ohio, the cost includes the following:

1) A one-time activation fee of $25.00
2) $9.00 per day
3) $63.00 per week
4) $270.00 per month

And the activation fee and the $270.00 for the first 30 days have to be paid before the house-arrest program is started. The point I'm trying to make here is that the powers-that-be is trying to make the house-arrest program seem like a cable company hook-up or something; as if they're hooking someone up with HBO or Cinamax. Wow! I'm happy to be hooked-up with your most precious electronic ankle bracelet and tracking device is the impression I'm getting from those who seek the house-arrest program to obtain outside imprisonment -- for a price that is. But seriously, the degree of ignorance that exist in America is very profound, and which explains why the ruling-class rich can make unjust laws/policies, tell lies, make people pay for their own enslavement, and still make people believe that they stay in an equal and free country. Isn't that compelling or what?

Moreover, I can tolerate ignorance to a certain degree but to be stupid is unacceptable. Prime examples of stupidity:

1) To be stupid is to pay $270.00 a month for one's own enslavement (house arrest).
2) To be stupid is to join the military to fight the rich man's war.
3) To be stupid is to believe everything that the media and Uncle Sam tells you.
4) To be stupid is to believe that you're free, when your country (America) has the highest imprisonment rate in the world.
5) To be stupid is to keep going to jail for the same thing, allowing the powers-that-be to lock you up and "use you as a source of income."

In reference to the aforementioned, people allow themselves to be used as cattle, which, in other words, they're willing to be sub-humans for their masters (the U.S. Government). The only way for one to free him/herself from this ignorance and exploitation is to unify, study, observe, and make the best intelligent decisions base upon what one knows and feels to liberate him/herself from "exploitation!"

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Anonymous said...

enslavement...don't the the crime if you can pay the time. easy lesson, once you learn that you can stop bitching!

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