Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Corrupt Child Support Industial Complex (Revisited)

This is child support in a nutshell
(pseudo alimony).

There are dozens of stories of people killing over child support – people who felt they were victimized by the Child-Support Program. Instead of people scratching their heads and admitting that something is wrong with the system, they want to defend the system by writing people off as being “crazy” or “psycho”, people who were driven mad and went off to kill their ex-wives, ex-husbands or kids. No one wants to see the system as the motivating factor behind the killings or dysfunction. I say look at the laws enforced by Child Support Enforcement Agencies and the Courts. Therefrom, we can get a clearer picture as to why child-support casualties transpire. Shamefully, the best people can do is say, "Those people are 'psycho' or 'crazy'." This is what people say anytime a killing strikes. No intellectual thoughts or investigations as to why people resort to murder. Therefore, nothing ever changes, and if something does change, it resulted from a slow and painful process. Why? Because many people in the majority do not read or do independent research and thus find themselves indoctrinated by government propaganda instead.
In the mix of all this child-support corruption and chicanery, the “states” are getting wages, funds and/or incentive money behind collecting and enforcing child support – plus a big healthy annual bonus to top it off. This incentive money is given to them by the federal government under, and pursuant to, Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and/or Title 42 U.S.C 658. Said incentives are the fire-starters of the corruption you see, today, in family courts. Hence, it is safe to say, from the evidence presented here, that children in the U.S. are being used as pawns and money-making machines by the State and many low-life custodial parents.
Lastly, just take a serious look at the chaos, murder and dysfunction the Child-Support Program produces (backed up by real headlines that I've acquired throughout the course of my research on the Child-Support Program), “Man ordered to pay child support for child that’s not his,” “Gunman kills 4 who collected child support payments,” “Man angry over child support kills mother of his children” and “Father goes to jail after over-paying child support”. As Neely Fuller Jr. once stated, "Any system that produces injustice is an unjust system."The Child-Support Program has produced egregious injustices. Most of the injustices on which I expounded in the aforesaid sentence cultivates the following: extortion, irresponsibility, promiscuity in young women, single-parent homes, chaos and murder. Since the State intentionally passes nonsense laws that ultimately create discord among human beings, whatever crimes are committed as a result of those laws, it is therefore right and/or correct to charge the State with those crimes.
If any of you are looking to beat the Child-Support System at its own game, follow this link:


Jay Qualls said...

I have been dealing with the corrupt child support system of Oklahoma since 2010 and so far they have taken my tax return every year. It all has been snow balling from the first year of my divorce. I provided them with receipts of payment and was told my receipts doesn't matter only thing that matters is their say. That's nearly $30,000 that they have stolen from me so far.

"Kory Johnson" said...

Jay Qualls, have you checked out the link I provided at the bottom of this article? If not, you should do so. It will provide you with what to do in your situation. Also, there are thousands of fathers going through the same things you are going through regarding the child-support system. What needs to happen, fathers have to tightly band together and fight against the child-support system at full force -- no compromising! The child-support system is unconstitutional and should be done away with -- immediately. But it won't go away by itself. There has to be brave people willing to stand up against it. You should take the first step to organize fathers in your neck of the woods and fight the child-support system with all your might. As a whole, you all should just stop paying into the child-support system and tell those people those people to go to hell.

If you need any advise, don't hesitate to contact me in the comment section of this blog.

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