Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No justice in Mansfield

NOTE: This is happening in Mansfield, Ohio. This type of injustice happens very often in Mansfield, and somehow the judges and prosecutors seem to often get away with practicing great injustice against anyone they choose!
There is so much prejudice when it comes to administering real justice, proper justice, and untainted justice. Just recently, Vincent Hess, a military veteran, a family man, and a man who has never been in trouble with the law is about to be rail-roaded for crimes he didn't commit. The evidence proving Vincent Hess's innocence was submitted by the victim himself, a written statement by the victim saying that Vincent was not the perpetrator of the crimes committed. So why are the prosecutors ignoring this evidence? Because they hate to admit when they are wrong. The prosecutors on this case need to just get over it and admit that they are wrong. Be good sportsmen because all of you lose this one, Mr. and Mrs. Prosecutors.

Vincent was charged with 11 different accounts: burglary, kidnapping, and firearm specifications, just to name a few. I don't have room to name all of the charges. Unfortunately, Vincent is stuck with a public defender that is probably over-loaded with dozens of other cases. What can a public defender do for anyone who really needs help? Nothing, absolutely nothing! This so-called justice system makes me sick to my stomach. Please, lock up some real criminals! For example, crooked public officials!

Only a coward will try to lock up an innocent man. I wish the prosecutors who are prosecuting this case was in Vincent’s shoes and see how it feels to be "noosed" for something they didn't do. They would probably wet their pants. I'm pretty sure! Human beings are very biased when it comes to administering true justice. In fact, we hate true justice because it means that we will have to change our prejudice ways, and we don't want that! Before forming opinions about this case, please look into it first. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. Cousin Kory is going to fight for you, Vincent.

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Leo said...

The exact thing happened to me and the story is similar except I have been actively suing DPD Dayton Police Dept. The cops show up at my home and say they are looking for a peeping tom and ordered me to step off of my front porch and if I don't they will arrest me. I refused to step off of my porch so they drug me off of my front porch and beat me in the back of my head. I got pictures of injuries sustained by the mugging and now I am being prosecuted by the Dayton Law Dept. The Law dept. has tampered with evidence, witnesses, and the state court judge allows this criminal activity to exist. The courts, law and police departments are corrupt to the core. I have the proof but it is only ignored. I have been suing DPD for 8 long years and the judges allow the law dept. to commit crime right under my nose. Its the government stupid. Our state governments are as corrupt as our federal government. As Benjamin said "Stand together or hang seperately". Help take our country back from the tyrants and stand strong.

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