Friday, July 05, 2013

United States government attracts corrupt people

If anyone seeks to participate in the U.S. government knowing full-well of its corruption, I must hold to the belief that those individuals do not have good intentions and are willing to help perpetuate, re-define, and expand America's corruption. Therefore, in my experience, and I conclude, such persons seek certain positions of power within the U.S. government because they secretly or openly crave dominance or power over other people, which is their real reason for wanting to participate in such government. And since the U.S. government is corrupt, it is a government that is good at attracting bullies, psychopaths, racists, habitual liars, etc. Oh, yes! Hence, it is wise not to trust any man or woman who deliberately participate in the U.S. government and its agencies. 

Pursuant to Title 28 USC Section 3002, it states that the United States is a Federal Corporation, which means that so-called U.S. citizens are corporate franchises. In other words, they are subjects, not Citizens. The U.S. doesn't operate under Constitutional Law (law of the land) or Common Law; it operates under Maritime or Commercial Law (UCC -- Uniform Commercial Codes). Under this system, everything is about contracts; Did you make a contract? Do you have a Social Security Card, Driver's License, or any other government documents with your name spelled in all capital letters? If so, you've made a contract with the government, and you are now under its jurisdiction.

The gold fringe around the American-flag pole, which you will see in the president's oval office, in court rooms (whether they are civil or criminal), etc., indicate that these entities are operating under Maritime or Commercial Law. Most people operating within city, state and federal government are aware of these things. So the corruption is intentional. 

Therefore, I say again, I cannot trust anyone who is seeking to be a part of the United States government, knowing how corrupt is. Enough said!

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