Tuesday, September 08, 2015

No Vaseline

 The Democrats hit you in your left jaw, and the Republicans
hit you in your right jaw. It's a case of being screwed with no Vaseline.

The Democrats and Republicans are one in the same. If you challenge the American system itself, watch the Democrats and Republicans unite against you. They are for the same system and same things. They make you believe they are against each other, but they are not. It's a shell game. Their job is to make you believe you have a choice! But you don't have a choice . You have the right to vote but not the right to choose. The electoral college does all the choosing. Look at the Al Gore and Bush situation back in 2000. The popular vote meant nothing. 

With other political elements that govern our lives, such as so-called democracy -- we still don't have a say in the matter.

The Democrats and Republicans have been draining you dry, rocking your cradle, and tearing your families down, and doing it to you with no Vaseline. Oh, yes! That's what they've been doing to you. Look the gas prices. Look at the huge taxes coming out of your paychecks to fund wars and other unjust activities. Look at the inflation of your $ money! And look at yourselves. Look at what they've put you through, on a daily basis. It's said, I tell you. The system, the Democrats and Republicans are playing with your heads, and they are not your friends. They are oppo-sames. Enough said!

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