Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pharaoh George wants chaos

Oh yes! Oh yes! The truth about the war in Iraq and this phony "war on terrorism" is starting to manifest itself.

Several months ago, two British soldiers dressed as Arabs, false-flagging as terrorists, were caught driving in a car equipped with a bomb. They were attempting to blow up a nearby "Iraqi demonstration," but were apprehended by Iraqi police before doing so. The British military heard that the two British soldiers were taken to jail and they dispatched tanks to smash through the walls of the jail to free the two soldiers. The U.S., Britain, and Israel are all implicated in this false-flag terrorism.

Pharaoh George W. Bush and the Serpent Elite want to create as much chaos as possible, because out of this chaos (in the long run) will come a new eco-socio-political system (New World Order). Oh, yeah! One other thing. The Bible doesn't mean that the world will come to an end literally. The bible means that the world as you know it will come to an end, when we go into a new age. Every 2,000 years we go into new age; for example, we live in the Age of Pisces; next we will go into the Age of Aquarius. And yes, the powers that be know this.

Moreover, wars have always been an effective tool to change and shape civilizations of the world. And each time unconscious, gate-keeping police and military soldiers are formed to help defend that new oppressive system, and to instill fear in the hearts of the people. And by the way, democracy is nothing more than a disguised dictatorship. Everyone who has ever fought for true freedom in a democratic country was shot dead! That's hard to swallow, huh?

Most of the U.S. military is made up of working-class-poor people who could not find a decent- paying job. And these same poor people are ordered to dress in military fatigues to go kill other people whom they do not know; and from that point, they are used as cattle and pawns in the game!

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