Monday, July 10, 2006

Who benefits from the child-support scam

As I've said before in my previous articles, in the Mansfield News Journal, that no one benefits more than the government when it comes to any social problems due to racism, sexism, poverty, murder, etc. And the same goes for child support. Problems such as the aforementioned were scientifically created in order to keep the ruling-class rich in power. In fact, it's a scientific-social system designed to feed off of people's misery and plight, which keeps people (like little kids) relying on their government to compose their problems.

The child-support system would be a great system if it were truly designed to help children who live in single parent homes. Unfortunately, the child-support system is nothing more than a scam in which the U.S. government profits off of non-custodial parents. The U.S. government makes 1 to 2 percent -- and the last I heard 3 percent -- of all money through the child-support system. And to bring more insult to injury, the U.S. government allows people to establish "privately-owned" child-support agencies, which allows them to charge women a fee to catch so-called dead-beat dads, and that's not to mention the interest that they receive from each child-support payment. Likewise, that's why the government pursues child-support offenders so vigorously. What a scam! If a man buys his children something outside the child-support system, that's not considered a gift (as Uncle Sam deems it). That's called being a father! Every time a non-custodial parent makes a payment through the child-support agency, they always have to worry about the following issues:

1.) Is the mother/father going to support the children with the child support money, or is she/he going to spend it on him/herself or on his/her boyfriend or girlfriend?

2.) Will the child support agency make another billing error, which could possibly lead to jail time (which carries a felony, which should be a misdemeanor) or possibly more money that was already paid?

3.) Or will the money get there on time, or at all?

According to an august 2000 child support survey conducted by the American Coalition for Fathers and Children found that 55 percent of child-support payers have experienced billing errors from child-support agencies. Among those who tried to get the agency to fix the billing errors, 61 percent were unsuccessful. In 43 percent of these cases, the payers were subjected to punitive actions, such as having their cars booted or assets seized.

All of this is criminal and needs to be addressed with radical action! I (myself) will suggest a "vigorous" class-action lawsuit.

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