Friday, August 04, 2006

Where is justice for the elderly

In a world that's supposed to be civilized, yet there is war, poverty, racism, and large variety of other injustices. We can no longer sit-back and allow these terrible things to happen. I have never been touched by any issue as much as I have about the issue of elder abuse. These are the people who have struggled through the "Great depression," World War II, Vietnam, and other major catastrophic events. These people deserve protection and respect! And that should never be compromised.
There are numerous cases where elderly people have been robbed, beaten, abused, injured, or otherwise neglected by family members or people whom they depend on for care and protection. There are 1 to 2 million cases of elder abuse in America, not to mention the millions of cases of elder abuse world-wide. And just think, most of these cases have not been taken into serious consideration by government (city, state or federal)! This is becoming more of a problem everyday, especially the countless cases of elder abuse in nursing homes that cost the elderly thousands of dollars to stay in every month; but on the other hand, it's mainly the family members who do the abusing.
2 weeks ago, I was reading a pamphlet entitled "Everyday Life in Capitalist America," and there was an interesting story in it about a pilot who had contracted with numerous morticians in regards to scattering elderly people's cremated remains across the ocean and mountain tops of the west coast (of course this was by request of the elderly); however, the story goes on in more depth and detail on how the pilot had difficulties in dropping the ashes from his plane (so he claims); and as a result, he loaded the ashes up in his pick-up truck and dumped them on his privately owned field. For God's sake, you would think that people in this country would have a little more compassion and respect for the elderly. I guess not!
Moreover, the U.S. government is not innocent either, when it comes to abusing the elderly economically. Just a year ago, Pharaoh George W. Bush tried to swindle or trick (mainly) elderly people into putting their money into a private account so he could murder Social-Security. The main motivation behind this was to help out his criminal Wall Street boys. Now, why would elderly people gamble their money, knowing they're on a fixed income. Uncle Sam, you must be out of your mind! Elderly people are not stupid, just because they're old.
We must protect our senior-citizens/elderly people and make sure that they have the best of care. I (myself) will make sure that they have protection wherever I reside. I will make sure that they have a voice wherever I go.
If you're interested in learning more about elder abuse, or if you just want to get involved in helping the elderly and you need the information to do so. Just contact the National Center on Elder Abuse at

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