Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where are the real leaders


The so-called black leaders of today are not really leaders; they are a bunch of demagogues and hypocritical wolves that uses racism in order to poverty-pimp poor black people in the ghetto. They're not trying to stop racism to produce justice; in fact, they are trying to hinder justice in order to prevent, confuse, and misinform black people as to what the big picture is. And the big picture is, working-poor people -- be they white or black -- are getting swindled by so-called elected officials. Most of what is going on today has nothing to do with racism; but it does, however, have something to do with "control" and a "New World Order."

I wish that Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had known something about this; they would have probably taken their revolutionary tactics to a whole new level. Furthermore, what they (Martin Luther King and Malcolm X) were battling against in the 1960s was groups of so-called enlighten men who belong to secret brotherhoods. Most of American history is saturated with the brotherhood's involvement, from the "War of Independence" to the "Boston Tea Party", when they (the members of the St. Andrew's Lodge of Freemasonry) dressed up as Indians and threw tea off the Dartmouth ship; to the "French Revolution" when they created Jacobin clubs to terrorize the ruling monarch of France; to World War I and II which they created and manipulated in order to invent a League of Nations/United Nations, a World Bank, a World-Health Organization, and other global industries. And believe it or not, they also formed and operated the "KKK."

So-called leaders like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who run around the country giving lip service (while establishing no justice) -- all belong to the secret brotherhood. 90 percent of the NAACP is saturated with members of the secret-brotherhood. Some of the so-called integrationists and conservative black people were and are members of the Illuminati network. That explains why working-poor black people are still in the ghetto without any social or economic progress. They're getting poverty-pimped! And like Malcolm X said about integration: "The masses of black people will remain in the poverty of the ghetto while a handful of handpicked, high-class Uncle Toms enjoy the benefits of being turned loose in a white community...." Moreover, as long as we have leaders who belong to secret elite groups governing us -- the longer we're going to have racism, sexism, poverty, famine, and wars.

Destitute black and white people are getting pimped, misled, manipulated, exploited, and abused by their so-called political leaders. And as William Cooper stated in his book Behold a Pale Horse, "Never worship a leader. If you worship a leader, you then no longer have the ability to recognize when you have been deceived!" Black and white people are the most misused races on the planet earth. It's time for them to see what their own people are doing to them. The first step to breaking away from this manipulation is to get rid of some of the current political leaders. Don't follow them. Don't listen to them. Better yet, don't vote for them. Ultimately, the brotherhood elects the people that they want in office anyway.

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