Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Those damn radicals

President Bush: Mr. Johnson, this is President Bush.

Kory Johnson: Hi, Pharaoh George.

President Bush: I'm just calling to tell you that you are too damn radical; and because of this, we're going to make you out to be a terrorist. And the American people will surely hate you! I can assure you!

Kory Johnson: One question, Pharaoh George? Is this what the American government does to everyone who fights for true freedom?

President Bush: Yes! Mr. Johnson, I'm afraid so.

Kory Johnson: Pharaoh George, I'm going to tell the American people the truth about you and the American government's illegal activities. Oh yeah, another thing! You all are a bunch of lying, two-legged snakes, Mr. Bush!

President Bush: We'll accept that, Mr. Johnson. After all, we have the most innocent blood on our hands and the highest imprisonment population in the world; so you're right! I guess this makes us two-legged snakes.

Kory Johnson: Pharaoh George, I'm going to unplug the American people from this matrix or this false reality. In other words, I'm going to wake them up so that they can see you as the devil you are!

President Bush: Please! Mr. Johnson, don't do that!

Kory Johnson: I'm not going to sell out the American people like some of these phony black leaders and the American government. No compromising! I'm hanging up, Pharaoh George.

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Anonymous said...

stand up and take it like a man

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