Thursday, October 12, 2006

Condom-leezza Rice knows her job

Condom-leezza Rice (one of Bush's concubines) told so-called Iraqi leaders that they had better settle their differences and that they had limited time to do so; she also reminded them that waves of escalating violence is intolerable. Yeah, right! The goal of the Bush Administration is to keep the violence going and to impose their puppet leaders on the Iraqi citizens. Without the violence, they have no justification to occupy Iraq. So in regards to Condoleezza's statement about zero tolerance of violence is laughable at best. The American government really should practice what it preaches. Because we all know that the American government is more violent than hurricane Katrina. Ooooh!

While visiting Baghdad, Condoleezza Rice stated to reporters: " This is really hard going. Not only do I believe that the president has been clear with the American people that this is a struggle, he's been clear with the American people why he thinks it's a struggle that needs to be waged." Lies! Lies! Lies! The only thing that Pharaoh Bush has been clear about with the American people is that he's their enemy and that they're too stupid to realize it, so he thinks! Moreover, when Condoleezza Rice stated that Pharaoh Bush believes that all of this is a struggle and a struggle that needs to be waged, she was referring to Bush's struggle and fight against the private citizens of the world, not terrorists. And as a matter of fact, the real terrorists are in the White House. But we already know that, right?

Condom-leezza Rice knows her job and she knows it well! After all, she doesn't have a gap between her teeth for nothing; it's there because she likes to lie a lot! Maybe if she stops lying so much, she'll probably have time to give herself a makeover. But seriously, I can't believe that Condoleezza had the audacity to condemn violence when her and George Bush are spreading violence. They know that no one is going to give up their land, oil, and their way of life without a fight. And truthfully, it's not just about the oil or the war in Iraq; It's about a global agenda (planned by the ancients of Rome, Egypt, and Babylon) to dominate the world politically and economically.

So now you know the truth; take it or leave it!

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