Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What about Felons

Note: The true archaic definition of the term "Felon" is as follows  (1) a malicious/ wicked person (2) or a traitor! The true meaning of this term (Felon) still has the same archaic meaning to the men who make law.

It's truly amazing to see what felons go through after paying their so-called debt to society. They are looked upon as the lowest elements of society, which justifies the disenfranchisement, demoralization, and dehumanization that they (felons) receive in this country called America. It would be intelligent on the felons' part to become politically conscious and demand that the U.S. government change its criminal disenfranchisement laws. It would also be intelligent of them to protest for their rights to be treated as human beings as long as they're citizens of the United States. Black people in particular should be very proactive in tackling this issue of disenfranchisement since they themselves make up 1.4 million of the disenfranchised population." With that said, it should register to black people to keep their hands out the illegal cookie-jar. Moreover, poor black people should be especially cautious about committing crimes, knowing that they're on the U.S. government's cross hairs.

Over 3.9 million U.S. citizens (felons) are disenfranchised from America's political and economic institutions. This is just another way of keeping regular, everyday people, mainly poor people, from having any economic or political power. Most of America's government officials are owners of, or part of, "private establishments" or "corporations!" This is truly why they favor the rich and ostracizes the poor. To prove my point, let us do our history! George Washington, one of America's founding fathers, had great affinity for aristocrats. Washington's wife, Martha Curtis, was one of the richest women in Virginia. That's probably why he married her. George Washington's closest crony, Alexander Hamilton, created policies that favored the upper classes. And not surprisingly, Washington and most of the founding fathers were owners of private property. Now everything has become clear as to why modern-day politicians give to the rich and take from the poor. Even in the early days of America, people who didn't own property (A.k.A. if you were poor) were not permitted to vote. But America is an equal and free society. Ho, ho, ho! What a joke!

It is mainly poor people who are "felons!" The ruling-class rich create laws/policies to ensure that it is only rich people who have civil and constitutional rights. They have created laws and structured certain institutions to ensure that it is only poor people who are susceptible to the felony laws; by virtue of this, they are able to justify taking away people's civil and constitutional rights, which they are born with anyway, regardless if a government give them those rights or not. What people are going to have to learn, especially Americans, is that no-one has the paternalistic right to neither give freedom nor take it away. And it's up to us (the people) to take our life, dignity, souls, and freedom back from the men who have taken all of that away from us in the first place.

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T.I.M.E.X said...

Then allow for me to be one of a few that will bring together us, and finish this that they have started...

The PUBLIC wants these images for all felons,


Time to stop talking and just give them what they want...

JOIN THE ONES THAT HATE THE PUBLIC OF THE USE, for even these groups knows you are hated...

T.I.M.E.X (Google this)

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