Saturday, April 21, 2007

They don't care about you or your children

This is a picture
of children who were blown up
in Iraq by the U.S. government.
Question: Does the U.S. govern-
ment care about your children
here in America?

What is the shocking truth about our society? The truth is, people have allowed the U.S. government to take control over their parenting decisions. Your children are your responsibility -- nobody else's! Don't let the U.S. government enact laws that will control the way you raise your children. Furthermore, "you are born free!" No one has the paternalistic right to neither give freedom nor take it away. And what I mean by that, all your constitutional freedoms are just man-made. You are born with those freedoms as a human being. Those are called inalienable rights. But your constitutional rights are slowly eroding.

Moreover, do people really think that the U.S. government and the Children Services Agency care about their children? The government and the Children Services Agency could care less about your children. For if the government really cared, this country wouldn't have millions of children living in "poverty" everyday. What a shame!

Truthfully, There is a secret network of people within our government who are very malicious. They don't care about you, your children, your family or anything! They make laws that ultimately destroy people's lives. They do everything in such a subliminal and equivocal way that influences people's perception. Uncle Sam is good at making the victim look like the criminal and the criminal look like the victim. Sadly enough, over 1 million (1,185,458) of America's imprisonment population is made up of people who committed non-violent crimes. That's crazy when we have President Bush with enormous collateral damage on his hands (most are children) and have police officers manhandling 12-year old boys in a distasteful manner in this country. How dare them to talk about morals and decency! Get a life!

Words to note: No one cares about your children like you! Don't let the U.S. government raise your kid/kids. Don't let Uncle Sam treat you like a kid either.

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