Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who needs tyrannical police and military

U.S. Soldiers:
America's foreign killing machines.

America's domestic killing machines.
The U.S. government is the greatest threat to humanity, today. To prove my point, which country was the only country to drop nuclear bombs on another country in world history? On August 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb named "Fat Man" on Hiroshima, Japan, leaving almost 130,000 dead and 180,000 homeless. And shortly after, the U.S. drops another bomb named "Little Man" on Nagasaki, Japan, killing almost 66,000 Japanese. What a tragic event. But Americans forgot about this event and claim that the American government is fighting against terrorism to preserve their freedom. However, the American government is the terrorist taking away freedom.

Almost everyone in the world is talking about the bombing of 911 and terrorism. What about the bombing of 4 little black girls in Birmingham, Alabama, during the civil-rights movement? What about the terrorism that black people suffered in America by the hands of the Ku Klux Klan? And we can't forget about the childish games that Jim Crow laws played on the lives of black and white people. Somehow the American people have a tendency to forget about all the wrongdoings of the U.S. government. Furthermore, if I were sent out to fight terrorists, I wouldn't have to go too far to look for those terrorists, because they're in Washington, DC, in the White House, the Capital Building, and the U.S. Justice Department.

In 2003, the U.S. government spent $396 billion on its military. But they can't spend $396 billion to get some of the American homeless off the streets. Perhaps, the so-called elected officials that compose our government spends $396 billion on military and weapons because they are afraid that one day the American people are going to rise up against them and take back their freedom. Or perhaps, they spend $396 billion on military and weapons because they just simply want to keep the American people in check. It is very clear that the spending and building of new weapons are not for opposing governments of the world; they are, in fact, to be used against citizens who oppose government.

Another issue to point out; police in America are the meanest, most impolite, most corrupt, and most dangerous in the world. They are, in fact, the most dangerous members of our society, today. "Protect and Serve" is at the bottom of their list of duties. Their primary job is to deprive you of your freedom. Or worse, they can deprive you of your life. Unfortunately, some people would say: "Do the crime, do the time." But that "saying" cannot be used in some instances. What about all the innocent people behind bars? What about all the innocent people who have been killed by cops or crooked cops? People should think before generalizing such things. And one thing is for sure, cops are not your friends. They're job is to arrest you and keep you in check for the U.S. government - period!

All City Halls and Police Departments around America have glass-display shelves, or cases, with things in which police are interested. Just to show you how sick and violent minded cops are in America, go to any City Hall or Police Department, you should see a glass case, or shelf, with revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, machine guns, gas grenades, surveillance cameras, and sniper rifles. Very scary, huh? And I can tell you one thing, we are in big trouble. And the most disturbing thing to me is the fact that the police have a thing called the "blue wall of silence," which is really conspiracy. For example, if a cop has done something wrong, other cops keep quiet about it.
We all need to stand up and fight against all legal corruption, worldwide. If you're not fighting the problem, you are a part of the problem. We don't have time to worry about how many points an NBA player scored last night. We need to worry about how many rights we've lost last night. Furthermore, we only have very little time to fight back. So, let's get free!

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