Friday, February 08, 2008

Disagreeables and hate mail

Something disturbing has come to my attention recently. Two young men, claiming to be U.S. soldiers, wrote and sent enormous amount of hate mail to my e-mail. These two so-called soldiers, in my opinion, have characteristics of a racist neo-conservative. For example, they said I must be black because I misspelled one word. They claimed to be true patriots of America but they didn't want me to exercise my 1st amendment right to speak against the U.S government when its doing wrong. They obviously don't want me to tell the truth about America's lack of compassion for its citizens and the world as a whole.

Fortunately, I have records of all the e-mail they sent me. One of these soldiers, Michael Padilla, wrote:

"Take a loaded pistol, place it between your teeth, and pull the trigger. It is people like you, spineless, gutless little pansies who give the impression of a nation unwilling or incapable of standing up for itself.

"You are a greater killer than any soldier. You are murdering your own country by your unwillingness to protect your freedoms and relying on others to do it for you. My prayer is that you die soon. That it is painful and takes a long time."

Another U.S. soldier, Scott Lamky, sent me hate mail as well. This time I replied to the e-mail.
Scott Lamky wrote, and I replied:

Scott Lamky: You stupid piece of shit!

Kory Johnson: I love you, too!

Scott Lamky: I thought you should know that the regional office of the F.B.I. in Ohio, as well as the Department of Homeland Security have launched an investigation of you due to your blogs.

Kory Johnson: I don't care. They are spying on me now. It doesn't matter. They can't control me, nor can you.

Scott Lamky: You'd be surprised how much a sniper rifle can control someone.

These two U.S. soldiers, Michael Padilla and Scott Lamky, are called disagreeable beings ("Those who have a negative and evil spirit"). Agreeable beings are those with a positive spirit. Disagreeables are those persons who keep chaos and confusion going. They also love violence and blood-shed. These disagreeable beings, unfortunately, occupies the U.S. government and the White House.

Moreover, have you ever noticed people who claim to be fighting terrorism and protecting America's freedom are always very violent towards people who want peace? And they love to send hate mail to people who are in opposition to the U.S. government's unjust policies and laws.

Scott Lamky, Michael Padilla, George W. Bush, Russ Limbaugh, Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Dick Cheney, Jim Bohannon and AL Sharpton are all disagreeable beings. They are also prime examples of what's wrong with the world. These people have no intention on making the world a better place to live. They all have their own sinister agendas.

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