Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spiritualism VS. Religion

All three major religions of the world (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) represent the trinity of religion. The Holy Bible, The Koran, and the Jewish Torah represent the trinity of sacred books. And “Ka” (the spirit), “Khu” (the mental), and “Khat” (the body) represent the triad of the human body. The "Mother" (not the Holy Ghost), the "Father" and the "Son" is the real holy trinity of all three major religions of the world, which is a concept that came out of Ancient Egypt. Truth is truth! Nobody's religious god is bigger than the other.

As we move to the end of this 2,000-year cycle under the Age of Pisces and move into the year 2012 -- the Age of Aquarius, spiritual truth will began to shine, and human beings will feel a warm sense of spiritualism and brotherhood. Fear not religious people, for the Age of Aquarius will be an age of knowledge, wisdom and over-standing. Ignorance will be replaced with knowledge, and lies will be replaced with truth. And man will strive to become as perfect as the number 7. No longer will you have to believe, because belief is uncertainty; knowledge is fact.

We now have a man of color as president. This was not by accident. Your acceptance of this man was due to your raised consciousness, governed by the energies and vibes of the Age of Aquarius. This is the beginning of something new, which means something old is fading out. How do I know this? I am the studier, holder of the "Ankh key", and knower of these revelations (revelations which means to reveal). NOW YOU KNOW THAT THE YEAR 2012 IS NOT DOOMS DAY OR YEAR, BUT THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING NEW.

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