Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to get rid of the the Illuminati, elite class, and government in one day, with three easy steps

Get Free, today!

NOTE: In order to implement these 3 steps to freedom, it will take a collective or group effort. For example, remember the bus boycott led by Martin Luther King Jr? That's the type of effort needed to successfully implement the 3 steps to freedom.

STEP 1. Understand that no person has the right to rule you; meaning, as a human being, you are born free. Therefore, you have unalienable and inalienable rights -- rights that can't be taken away by another person. Lastly, no government or elite class can give you rights; they can only protect your rights. This means that the U.S. Constitution and Constitutional rights are just protections of your natural rights. Remember, you're born with all the the rights mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, by nature.

STEP 2. You have to be willing to acknowledge step 1. Acknowledging this step, you are acknowledging that you want freedom. And that freedom means independence -- independence from being ruled by a ruling class. Once this happens, you realize that you no longer have to beg, vote, or give up your money in the form of taxes, and that the people claiming to rule you are illegitimate. Now, you are awake. This will lead to you waking up other people.

STEP 3. This is the last, but most crucial, step. Organize! Once organized, stop participating in the system. Stop voting, begging, paying taxes, and other nonsense. In other words, ignore the ruling class (government) out of power. If you and other people are successful at step 3 (ignoring the government and not participating in its system or programs), the government and system will die out (or crumble) in one or two days.

FACTS: A violent revolution is not needed. Just don't participate in the system. I promise, the system will go away. Let nature take its course. But as long as you are consenting to the system (the BEAST), you are giving it power. Not only are you giving it power, but you are giving it power over you and your children. Simply put, it needs your participation or consent to dominate you. Furthermore, the system in itself can never do the right thing. It can only war, lay taxes, and imprison -- nothing more, nothing less.

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