Monday, September 13, 2010

Women who choose bad boys instead of nice guys

First things first, a man and woman’s relationship with each other in the western world (especially in America) is a catastrophe! Understand that. Most people (over 51%) in advance countries often choose their mates for superficial or shallow reasons, not for moral character or personality. We’ve heard it time and time again. Where does it stop? This seems to be the case with young women in today’s world.

More than often, I hear guys (who are considered to be nice guys) say that young women don’t like nice guys and often over look them and date thugs or bad boys. There is enormous truth to this argument and I sympathize with it. They say women hate the men they love (nice guys) and love the men they hate (bad boys). Often we hear women say they want a guy who is sensitive and cater to their needs, but way too often the “nice guy” who does these things is reduced to friend status and not a potential lover. However, when the nice guy is reduced to friend status; he serves as a person women can complain to about their bad boy, boy-friend. This is truth. I’ve been there myself. Don’t get put in the friend-zone!

They say you’re too nice. Isn’t that crazy? Almost every nice guy has heard these words before: You are a really sweet guy, but I don’t like you like that. Afterward, she runs off with the bad boy, who doesn’t have her interests at heart. The bad boy is a challenge for her; he’s mysterious, not too nice, exciting, and assertive. He’s a person she thinks she can change. But news flash ladies; if his parents couldn’t change him, you can’t change him either. Point blank.
I was always astonished by young women’s love and affection for murderers, rapists, convicts, and death-row inmates like Ted Bundy, a serial-rapist murderer (who received 200 letters a day from women who claimed they loved him), or people like Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), and John Wayne Gacy, who murdered and raped 32 young boys. Ladies, you have to make better choices in men. If you choose bad men, you get bad results. And by the way, your man should be like your friend. He should have the same interests you have. Bad boys are not men; that’s why they are called “boys”.

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