Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why not tell the truth

One Love, One truth, One spirit

In recent years, I have found myself deeply disappointed with people and their inability to tell the truth, their inability to accept truth, and their inability to create a world in which true justice and human happiness prevail.

There are certain (so-called important) people who don't want people like me to tell you the truth about your condition and who you really are. So they counteract our words with propaganda that seems to make sense but in reality is a lie. So you have to strive to get 720 degrees of knowledge (360 degrees of knowledge of the spiritual world, 360 degrees of knowledge of the physical world) and then you can see through the lies and learn who you really are!

And what we really are -- superior, spiritual beings! And we all come from the same source of love and energy (GOD). I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection me; we are a reflection of God. Therefore, we have to be dedicated to truth, love and justice. It's our destiny. This is why I'm not afraid to write what I write. I bow down to no man and fear no man in this physical realm. They can make all the laws they want but those laws don't control me or you. We control ourselves. This is called spiritual discipline. The ancient Egyptian understood this concept (Ma'at).

Men of sacred orders (secret societies) who run our country have abused their privileges and power. So what has to happen now? We have to break the illusions and spells they have put us under. The only way we can do that is to admit that we live in a false reality and begin to heal each other and the world. Americans have a deep obligation to help their brethren in this country first and then help their brethren overseas. No more hypocrisy and selfishness. It's up to all of you to make a difference on this earth. Leave this earth knowing you did something good for the world.

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