Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wake up, people

Kory Johnson/Amun Hotep IV

This town (Mansfield) has a dark cloud over it. I have never seen so many mentally and spiritually dead people in my life until I moved here. And it's a shame! There are a few people who are spiritually and politically aware and know what I'm talking about. That's why I can't wait until my book gets published.

I just had a lecture called "Secret Symbols of the Dollar." And someone, one week prior to my lecture, tried to sabotage my lecture by taking my flyers off the public library's walls and other places they were posted. And I bet the person (or persons) responsible for it was some uneducated, working-class American who sit around watching TV all day. But my lecture was still a success.  

Moreover, people who made excuses not to come to my lecture but complain about government and talk that old "Illuminati" conspiracy talk, should not open their mouth to complain anymore! Yeah, just keep working your dead-end jobs, smoking your cigarettes, drinking your beer, and watching your TV sets after work, everyday. That's your aspiration, here in Mansfield.

I'd rather die as a man, than live as a coward. And I stand up, speak out and don't take "no" for an answer. I don't sit around complaining and whining all day. I make things happen. You understand? You are your own problem, because you allow the injustice to run rampant! 

You allow the police to talk down on you. You allow the schools and political system to become and stay corrupt. You are in pitiful shape! And it's a shame! That's why I always knew I was different from other people here; my thought pattern is different. I know my eyes have to stay in these books and use the knowledge I learned to help change the world. I think about the type of world my children have to grow up in,  and you should too. That's why I do what I do. I pray that people wake up, soon. Neter (God) help us all! 

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