Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black people have made no progress

Black History Month is ok, but it's not doing black people any good if we're still mentally enslaved. Yeah, we won a few rights, 45 years ago, and now we think we're free. You better check again. Noticeably, we have not fought for anything since the Civil Rights movement. Therefore, Black History Month is only a reminder that we still have much work to do. Furthermore, what is the use of celebrating all of this stuff if we're not making any progress? For example, the same streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are the same streets saturated with illegal drugs and black on black crime, or violence. Also, it appears that most of these commemorations are filled with black people having a circus-like time, instead of producing economic justice and resolving their problem of disunity. Too many black people spend too much time socializing and partying.

Moreover, most black leaders of today are Illuminati-controlled and so are some of the Civil Rights organizations. If you've noticed, people like "loud-mouth" Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley, including the puppet president Barack Obama, etc., use the race-card to advance their own agendas and lead people astray, particularly black people. America accepts and co-sign leaders who are not real leaders, and pump these fake leaders up beyond their actual influence. This is done mainly by the media. Real leaders are ostracized, killed, imprisoned, or have their character assassinated by the media. This is why there has been no progress made in the black community, or America as a whole. Real leaders are often pitted against each other. This was the case with (so-called bad guy) Malcolm X and (so-called good guy) Martin Luther King Jr., although both leaders brought something good to the table.

No people or nation should be allowed to commemorate on anything, until they get their priorities straight. Why? Because most of us are pretentious and hypocritical, knowing that we have not made any earnest effort to right the wrongs of historical and present-day injustices. One more thing, it's up to all people to become more responsible.

NOTE: If you look at history you will see that our behavior, our technology, our wars, and our prejudice attitudes seem to be looped occurrences. We must break this spell and change how we do things. Our behavior is extremely destructive and primitive and has often led to the destruction of the world. As far as black people are concerned, they can keep having Million-Man Marches, Million-More Marches, black forums, Juneteenths and Black History Months, but none of that is going to help their situation. Why? Because they do nothing but sing, dance, socialize and spend a lot of money at these commemorations/events, and at the end of the day, they are still poor, disunited, and have not accomplished anything!

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