Saturday, April 07, 2012

Feminism and sexism at its best

The face of feminism

I am a warrior against racism and sexism. Sexism, without question, is a big problem in the United States and the Western world and can no longer be ignored or tolerated. This post will confront one of the aforementioned issues (sexism) and will solely deal with the doctrine of feminism and its damaging effects on women and the family structure in the Western world. Furthermore, I want young women to fully  understand the difference between feminism and women's liberation.

Women's liberation is define as an idea or belief that freedom, rights, and equality are fought for and extended to women. Feminism on the other hand, through my observation, is a doctrine of aggression, frustration, and hate geared toward men; there is another word for itmisandry!

Feminism has nothing to do with women's rights, even though it appears that way. It's an advocation of female supremacy and male emasculation. In addition, the feminists or Femi-Nazis are against any woman or man who go against their ideas or agendas. For example, when men express their sentiments on how the rape-shield laws, divorce courts, family courts, and domestic violence laws discriminate against men and favor women, the feminists (including male feminists) will argue that those men are misogynists and don't want women to have rights. This sort of argument is used every time a man opens his mouth about his suffering at the hands of unjust, misandric laws. But these shaming tactics no longer work, because men are now speaking out, increasingly. They are no longer hiding their pain and dissatisfaction with this "misandric" and "Satanic" system.  

Moreover, after the feminist movement ... divorce went up and the family structure in America started to falter. The black community definitely suffered from this. Black women who are feminists don't necessarily call themselves feminists; the word "feminist" is replaced with the phrase "Strong, Independent Black Woman." These are the most aggressive, bitter, and hot-headed black women you will ever encounter. White feminists on the other hand are the ones influencing change in laws and politics that have led to men paying high child support payments for kids that are not theirs and has led to men losing 85% of divorce settlements. The family courts and divorce courts are an apparatus used to brutalize and extract money from men, because it has been influenced by feministic ideas. No one can deny that. It has gotten so bad that even women are starting to speak out against it.

Furthermore, this is the real reason why men don't want to get married anymore. They are sitting back looking at all the male athletes, movie stars, singers, and other successful males get raped financially in divorce settlements. If no one believes this phenomenon is happening, just follow this link:  

Most of the mind-games, hatred, and aggression you see coming from young women of today is a result of radical feminists' ideas and influence. Enough said!

Note: Do not assume that divorce is initiated by men or caused by men. 70 to 75% of divorces are initiated by women. Women are given incentives to leave their boyfriends  or husbands. This comes in the form of Alimony, Child Support, Welfare, and other government incentives, which is enough to trigger women to divorce or breakup with their boyfriends/husbands in hope of reaping these financial benefits from either their husbands or the state. This is why young men in Western World countries should not get married until the current legal climate changes.

 Please be advised: This post has been revised and/or updated for accurate reading.

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