Monday, November 12, 2012

Avoid debt slavery


First, I want to say this to all men: "Get a DNA test before you sign the birth certificate"! If you don't take my advice, you are asking for a financial beat down. Why? Because you will be deemed the legal father if you sign the birth certificate, especially if your name remains on it for more than 12 months. And if issues of child support arises (and it will), you will be stuck paying child support for children that are not yours.

As you can see, laws of today are rigged to sabotage men's financial well-being and encourage women to depend on the government for help. This is how the system is set up, and this is how the system destroys families. But this is not the common man's or woman's fault, to some degree. Because all of this is by design -- designed to cause chaos. Family Law Court, Child Support, Divorce, and Sexism are implements used by the Elite or Luciferian Brotherhood to further their One World Order agenda. But Family Law Courts are the worse of the worst. They are biased toward men (by design), and it encourages divorce and child support. Just look at the history of divorce settlements in this country, as well as child custody cases. Better yet, I challenge any of you to do extensive research on this matter. And I bet you'll find plenty of injustice thereof. But before I continue writing on this subject, I want to stress to every common man and woman, I know it's not your fault regarding the injustices committed by the so-called Family Law Court. Because you don't make the laws, the ruling-class rich do. And they don't care about you or your children. They just care about money. Money, money, money!

Child support (like Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates) is nothing but a scam. Extortion and profiteering are the correct terms for Child Support, just as Birth Certificates are really used as bonds against public debt. And your Social Security Number is really a Universal Product Code that they use to keep up with you and tax you. Furthermore, terms like Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, and Child Support are terms used to make people feel comfortable with slavery and debt. That's what these three components do, create Debt Slaves! And this wouldn't happen if people would stop consenting to  the BEAST (the system). The BEAST cannot operate without people's participation. Withdraw participation. If the common man and woman want total sovereignty over their own lives and the lives of their children, stop participating in corrupt systems.    

NOTE: This post has been revised and updated.

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