Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Obama will win 2012 Election

Illuminati, Pharaoh Obama

I said it 4 years ago in the Mansfield Journal that Barack Obama was going to be the U.S. President for the next 8 years. But everyone did not believe me. You don't have to be a prophet to predict the outcomes of elections. All you have to do is pay close attention to everything that happens around you, especially in the political arena. For instance, just look at the men they had running and have running against Barack Obama. That says it all. 

Furthermore, since people of color seem to be a so-called protected class of people in America, it would be logical to put a man of color in power. Think about it; the ruling-class rich or elite can get away with committing much, much more evil deeds with a man of color as president, simply because it creates a situation whereby almost no one can criticize a president of color, which is currently Barack Obama. But not only that, it creates an illusion that racial progress is being made. For example, if a white person attacks the president (Barack Obama), that white person would be called a racist; if a black person attacks the president, he or she would called an Uncle Tom! It's a double edge sword for those of us who know truth and chooses to attack Mr. Obama. And it's a win-win situation for the ruling-class rich who put him in office.

Moreover, the ruling-class rich indoctrinated us years earlier with the movie "Head of State" to prepare us for a black president (but he's not really black; he's mixed!). But everybody says he's black. OK, let's continue. Check out the picture below of Chris Rock as U.S. President  in the movie "Head of State:

Chris Rock

Barack Obama

Watching this movie years earlier, among other things, alerted me as to who was going to be next U.S. President (4 years ago) when I saw Mr. Obama appear on the scene. And he will win the 2012 Election, too! You just watch and see.

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