Saturday, June 22, 2013

Felony record/ conviction should not prohibit someone from employment

I believe everyone has the right to work in this country. I don't care if a person is a felon. A felony record has nothing to do with one's ability to work. If the felony conviction is not related to the job applied for, then there shouldn't be a problem giving that individual work. If, for example, an applicant with a record of shoplifting applies for work in a retail store, it will only be proper not to hire that person. The crime is related to the job. But to discriminate or ostracize across the board on the premise that one has a felony record is unjust. Furthermore, this unjust tactic, which is backed up by law, is used to shorten the workforce and to disenfranchise certain people because there are so few jobs left.

Moreover, since we in America have a tendency to judge each other -- although we all have dirt under our own rugs -- we think people should get a lifetime of punishment for making bad decisions  or mistakes. We say consciously and subconsciously, "Those dirty, lawless felons should have made better decisions." News flash -- we're human; we live and we learn. That's part of our spiritual growth in this plain of existence.

Dale C. Carson, an ex-FBI agent, ex-polieman, lawyer and co-author of Arrest-Proof Yourself, asked an intriguing question, "How easy is it to get a felony charge? Answer: Very easy." Dale Carson is correct, because records show that there are close to 5 million people in America with felony records. Unfortunately, most of those people will be back in prison because of a lack of  employment opportunities. This ripple effect will be a crime related to money issues. People have to eat. If America is not careful, delicate issues such as this one will burst into insurrection. People can only take being broke and poor for so long until the egg gets too hot and begins to hatch. And then, oh, oh!

Note: This article was taken from the Mansfield News Journal, written by me in 2012. 

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