Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What is Lucifer

Is this Lucifer? Not a chance!

Let us now explore the truth. Contrary to popular belief, Satan and Lucifer are not the same. The word "Lucifer" actually means "light" and is represented by the planet "Venus" (the "Morning Star"). Furthermore, this word "Lucifer" is a Latin word and stems from the Latin Vulgate or Vulgata, which is the bible from which the Pope reads. Let me emphasize here, the Hebrews never used the word "Lucifer" to refer to the enemy of God. They used the word "Satan." The Egyptians used the word "Apep" or "Apophis" (Aphophis). Now, back to this word "Lucifer" (the Morning Star). Lucifer also means light bringer; this is why the the Illuminati and Freemasons use or used this word so much in their literature. This is why the Illuminati is called the Illuminati, because it means light or illumination. This is backed up further in an article entitled Witch Craft and the Occult: Who is Lucifer and what is Luciferianism. It states: "Luciferianism is the pursuit of illumination and knowledge. Most Luciferians are avid readers and researchers."

The English version of the bible uses the word "Lucifer" one time, and that's in Isaiah 14:12. Therefrom, you will see where they used the word "Lucifer" and the word "Morning Star" interchangeably in different versions of the English bible. Now remember, Lucifer is equated with light, because it is the bright star that shines in the East, known as the Morning Star (the planet "Venus"). It is also known as the "Day Star." The female is represented by the planet "Venus" and the Venus symbol. Why do you think the Statue of Liberty is a woman (and not a man), holding the torch of illumination, with 7 sun rays coming out of her head? This is why they say Lucifer (which is light or illumination) is beautiful. Men are not referred to as beautiful, women are! According to occult and esoteric doctrines, they equate women as light and life bringers. Why do you think the Catholic Church worships Mother Marry so much? The mother goddess and mother earth has been the center of worship and the center of wisdom throughout the ages. 

NOTE: The Illuminati  and Freemsons equate light or illumination with knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the Illuminati and Freemason are referred to as Luciferians. Because that's what they are.

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