Sunday, August 11, 2013

How a Prince keeps his authority: The truth behind racism and sexism

Regarding sexism and racism.... As a Prince, you have to invent systems and institutions that will ensure or help keep certain things in place, along with using psychological warfare. Racism, in itself, is a divide and conquer apparatus, like that of sexism. Both systems operate in the same manner but are used to inflame injustices in two different areas of life -- sex and race. 

As a Prince (or government), to ensure that the sexes (men and women) stay divided on certain levels, the above mentioned has to be implemented. This will ensure that the population doesn't grow out of control. A prince must ensure that both men and women have some level of distrust and hate for one another; this will result in less pro-creation. A Prince must keep this going. How is this achieved? Like that of racism, give one sex more privileges than the other, and then switch these privileges to the opposite sex. This will help keep them in a state of confusion and frustration for years to come. Less mating, less children = less population.

In order for a Prince to keep his power, he must create a system of racism to ensure that his subjects will never rise up against him; his subjects, for example, will be too busy fighting each other over race. How is this achieved? A Prince have to make one race feel and look superior to another, and make the other race feel inferior. This will stimulate opposition. And this is good for the Prince, because the Prince can keep his subjects disunited and confused 
while he robs them of everything, thus keeping Order Out of Chaos.

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