Monday, September 23, 2013

The true BEAST of Revelations -- decoded

The 7 headed BEAST of Revelations is in correspondence with the number of spikes protruding from the Statue of Liberty's crown or head, which are 7 spikes. And it's not a coincidence that 39 members (13+13+13=39) signed the "7 Articles" to the U.S. Constitution. And 13, which composed 39 when added 3 times, is the number that represents the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. And it's no coincidence that there are 7 letters in the word "America". But again -- as I've said in an earlier post, the 7 heads of the BEAST of Revelations represents the 7 Nations leading the New World Order, which, again, the BEAST is the system under which we live. And most people worship the system -- the BEAST. These people are called "system worshipers". And they will do anything to protect the BEAST (the system), even if that means they have to lie, deceive and kill people! That's exactly what has been going on ever since the BEAST arrived.

Always remember, the 7 heads of the BEAST are nations operating under a similar system. France, Britain, the United States, Israel, Rome, etc. are the heads of the BEAST. Why do you think these nations have close ties? That's because they compose the 7 headed BEAST of Revelations, Chapter 13. The second BEAST of Revelations that arose from the earth is obviously the United Nations, which exercises authority on behalf of the 7 headed BEAST that arose from water.

One BEAST (or system) came out of water, the other BEAST (or system) came out of land, representing the transition  from "Law of the Land" (operating under the second BEAST) to "Law of the Water" (Maritime Law) -- imposed by the first BEAST.

NOTE: Be on the lookout for my upcoming post entitled "The Social Security Number is the Mark of the BEAST.

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