Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas a selfish holiday

All in a nutshell....

Christmas is a selfish holiday. And I will explain in detail why it's a selfish holiday in another post. By the way, Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus's birthday. Christmas is a pagan holiday. December the 25th was the day when a pagan god named Mithra or Mithras was born. This pagan god predates Jesus. Meaning, this pagan god, Mithra, was worshiped before the arrival of Jesus. And if none of you believe me, look it up for yourselves. 

The history of Thanksgiving is no better than Christmas, but at least with Thanksgiving, it's a time where family can get together, talk, and have some family time. Christmas, however, is a very selfish, savage holiday where people run out and spend a lot money, giving their money to greedy corporations, and hoping that someone give them something in return. And if you don't get them anything or give them anything in return, they will be mad at you. And you can thank the Christmas holiday for that. It happens every year. That's one of the real reasons why this country skips Thanksgiving and jumps right to Christmas, because the Elite class of this country know that people will be pressed to give gifts to other people. Therefore, it's the perfect time where corporations can make a lot of money. Yep, simply put.

Moreover, gift-giving should be done all-year around, not just in a specific time of the year. Why would anyone wait until a specific time of the year to be nice to someone else? 

Learn to give all-year around. And learn to be nice to other people all-year around. That, in itself, is the real key to salvation!

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