Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The art of manipulation

The wielders of economic, military, and political power (especially in the United States) knows the weaknesses, psychological processes and behavioral patterns of the people. Therefore, they know how to exploit, manipulate, and control the people based on that knowledge alone. For example: from 1917 to 1991, the elite was able to use their knowledge and media to influence or manipulate people into hating Russia; not only that, they used those same conduits, mediums and/or channels to manipulate people into fearing communism/socialism while simultaneously developing commercial trade and/or relationships with so-called communist countries like China. Now, the irony of all this is that Mikhail Gorbachev (former president of the Soviet Union of Russia) and (former United States president) George Bush senior were good friends and occasionally took cruises together, but the Soviet Union was supposed have been our enemy. Yeah, right. It's just one big game.

The elite always need a make-believe enemy, a boogie-man, to keep people in fear. And the majority of people fall for it every time. They did the same thing with Osama Bin Laden. Every time the people would scrutinize or ask George W. Bush serious questions about 911th, all of sudden the media pops up with a fear-mongering video of Osama Bin Laden shooting an AK 47, saying that he was planning another attack on America; it never happened. One word -- manipulation! In all, the elite knows how to make people love whom they will and hate whom they will.

For more on this subject, refer to these books:

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Behold A Pale Horse --Bill Cooper
The Biggest Secret --David Icke
America, from Freedom to Fascism (Documentary) --Aaron Russo
50 Things You're Not Suppose To Know --Russ Kick
Pawns in the Game --William Guy Carr

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