Thursday, December 05, 2013

Facebook is a good apparatus for investigating people's interests, psychological processes, and behavioral patterns

NOTE: This article/post has been revised and updated.

I noticed when I talk about freedom, people seem not to respond. This is because people know that freedom means responsibility. It means the government can no longer hold their hand, boss them around, or subsidize them with welfare programs. In other words, they will no longer have a parent called government. And this is why more than 80% of the population doesn't want freedom. The sad part is ... people have been conditioned to feel this way.

Most people will not admit that they have not reached their full maturity level. But to be honest, it's not their fault. The United States does not allow its citizens to mature or become full adults. This is why courts exists, so people can go to their masters (or parents called "court" and "government") to resolve their disputes. Like one of the my fraternity brothers said, "People create governments because of their own insecurities." 

So when someone in the United States tells me they want freedom, I have to look at them side ways for a second. Because, I do not believe they want true freedom. Therefore, I am forced to ask, "Are you sure you want absolute freedom from government?" The ultimate truth is, more than half of the population doesn't want freedom. Go onto these social networks like Facebook, and you will see what I mean. Posts about freedom never gets any love or attention. In a nutshell, this is how you find out if weather or not people are interested in freedom, justice, equality, etc.

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