Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Man, woman, and feminism

Ultimate Truth

I will begin this by saying that I am not an MRA (Men's Rights Activists). I am a human rights  activist. As such, I fight for the rights of all people. Secondly, I will not waste time sugar coating my words in reference to any issue. I am not in the business of appeasing anyone's likes or dislikes. Ultimate truth is the goal here. Now, let's begin.

Feminism, from my studying of it, started as noble movement and ultimately morphed into something very dangerous and divisive. As Winifried Holtby stated in 1928, "The New Feminism emphasizes the 'women's point of view,' the old Feminism believes in the primary importance of the human being." Feminism, as it stands todaylike all other "isms" such as communism, racism, capitalism, fascism, and sexismgalvanizes frustration, hatred, and division among human beings.

Angry women who become feminists exploit the historical oppression of women as a way to justify their current-day resentment towards the opposite sex (men/boys); Some blacks and/or African-Americans do this as well when pointing out what whites did to them in the early days of America. And this is understandable to a degree.  But little do they know, this resentment howeveris being exploited by the very people (elitists) who were responsible for the oppression of women, blacks, poor whites, and a number of other nations/people throughout human history. Are you seeing the big picture now? Social engineering.... Order Out of Chaos.... Now you understand, right? OK.

The elitists knew that by oppressing certain people (and later semi-freeing them from their oppression) that it would have a future-backlash that would inevitably lead to a system of "divide" and "conquer." Note: the Elitists or Luciferians are a coalition of  men and women of many races, who are in the business of promoting, maintaining, redefining and expanding falsehood, division, non-justice and/or incorrectness. This must come to an end, soon!

Moreover, what the feminists have to understand is that their beliefs or "ism" are very dangerous in regards to true woman-hood, man-hood, and human nature. Feminists and their supporters should not try to turn women into men and men into women. To tamper with this, they are asking for big trouble. What I am saying here, everything in nature has a counterpart for a reason; these counterparts complement one another, which is essential to the preservation of balance. Once a counterpart is removed or distorted, it renders an imbalance which will inevitably lead to a catastrophic end for that which exists. Furthermore, balance is important, just as it is in every area of human activity; Balance also means justice. In addition, justice suggests that both men and women get punished the same, paid the same, and viewed the same (as human beings), while recognizing that there are certain biological and psychological differences between the two.

I also want to note, and emphasize, that women should not call themselves feminists if they are fighting for true equality. They should, by all means, call themselves human rights activists; this is the correct terminology to use when fighting for the rights of all people. This promotes true equality. Any doctrine that constitute the word "ism" should, at all time, provoke suspicion. Reason/explanation: Feminism, communism/socialism, capitalism, racism, fascism, and Zionism are all doctrines/beliefs/theories that have caused much agony, disarray, non-justice, and/or incorrectness among all people in the past and present-day world.

In addition, I believe that the feminists are very much aware of all of the above information. I also believe, without a doubt, that Gloria Steinem, Patricia Ireland, Susan Faludi, Catherine Mackinnon, and Jessica Valenti are women who have been gassed up with unreasonable anger; and this anger has allowed them to ignore facts and downplay the real causes of women's and men's suffrage. They should know, like I do, that fighting for one-half of the human race will not produce genuine equality; it will only create opposition. This opposition, ultimately, opens the devil's door, allowing the government to intervene. The government then swings the pendulum either too far to the "left" or too far to the "right." And this achieves nothing, and produces more strife and/or division. And this is what the elitists want. Avoid this at all costs.

NOTE: Learn the system. Learn not to be used as tools or implements. Learn to be full-fledged human beings! 

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