Monday, January 20, 2014

More coonery on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, but no real solutions to end injustice

In loving memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

All I have seen people do on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is coon around, play around, and have a circus-like time. I have not seen people talk about real revolutionary progress and act on it. All I saw was a whole lot of black people and white people celebrating and singing "We shall overcome". They have not suggested, or thought to suggest, any real solutions to end racism, sexism, pedophilia, political corruption, police brutality, or economic problems. All they have done, and wanted to do, is celebrate and coon around -- that's all! Very sad!

Because of this, (tomorrow) there will still be corruption, ghettos, racism, poverty, and a slew of other injustices. All in all, America will continue to be hypocritical, and it will continue to do injustice in the world. America's satanic agenda has ruined Martin Luther King's dream. Now, all there is left is a nightmare!

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