Friday, January 24, 2014

The truth about Jay Z and his Rocawear apparel

Top Photo:

Rocawear is Rockefeller-wear

Bottom Photo:

Jay Z, with his hands, displaying the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye

In the above photo is one of my old Rocawear shirts. Of course, I stopped wearing Rocawear a long time ago, especially when I became aware of what Rocawear stood for.
Moreover, Rocawear is a clothing company started by Jay Z (an American Hip-Hop artist). However, if you examine closer (the shirt in the above photo), what you will see are the words "Masters Of The Craft". This is a Free-masonic or Illuminati phrase. This phrase is used by the Freemasons, simply because they are an occult group that operates under a degree system of esoteric learning. Once an individual has mastered his craft, he moves to a new degree of learning. Therefore, he is exposed to more light or knowledge.

Interestingly enough, Jay Z's record label was called Rockefeller Records. This name was taken from the Illuminati-elitist bankers and oil drillers known as the Rockefeller family. Of course, all of you know about the Rathskellers. You've heard about them a million times. Anyway, this is the reason why Jay Z's clothing line is called Rocawear (Rockefeller-Wear). It is clear that Jay Z supports the New World Order. It is his job, like many other entertainers, to  send out subliminal messages to you and your children. So, there is no surprise as to why Jay Z has gotten so popular and financially richer over the years. He's being promoted by the Luciferian brotherhood.

Artists like Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nikki Minaj, etc., etc., are one of the biggest problems we have in the world, today. They are shells, puppets, being used by those at the top of the Illuminati pyramid. Simply put, they're being used to destroy young minds. They're casting spells by entertaining young people's minds with subliminal, destructive messages, images and symbols, through what we know as Television (Tell-lies-to-your-vision).

And it must come to an end, NOW!

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