Monday, March 31, 2014

TV and Music are mass hypnotists

What young black men seem to not grasp or understand is that gangsta-rap music is financed by the Zionists. The Zionist Jews are not really Jews; they are the Illuminati. Your news (media), your music, your TV shows, your TV programs, and your movies come from them. TV and Music (these two dynamics) are weapons of mass destruction, putting people under mass hypnosis.

Moreover, unhealthy music and TV programs or movies have the ability to bleed into our reality, working beneath the threshold of our consciousness (our subconscious minds). How can I prove this? What happened when Alicia Keys first came out? There were 100 Alicia Keys running around ( black women dressed up, trying to look like Alicia Keys). It was the same thing with N.W.A. (Niggas With An Attitude); black men tried to be like them and dress like them. The trends rappers and R&B artists set seems to always prove detrimental for those of us who live in poor neighborhoods. People with more means or money or those who live in better neighborhoods don't have to worry about police officers stereotyping them; not only that, but the government and its law-enforcement officers hardly ever infest nicer neighborhoods.

So when black men dress up like their favorite rappers, they become targets. Because law enforcement knows that these black men live in poor neighborhoods. And they are dressed like rappers that talk about selling drugs, slapping women, and killing niggaz. Unfortunately, a lot of that rhetoric has bled into our reality. It doesn't matter if it were going on before. What matters that it's worse now, and glorifying this bad behavior doesn't help. Now, this insidious, dangerous and retrograde music is being promoted by Zionist Jews, and these people want to see the black community stay in shambles. In fact, they want the whole world to suffer the same fate. Because the Zionists get Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out Of Chaos) from all this. And this ORDER that they want is a New World Order. See if any of you can sink your teeth into that.

So put the TV remotes down for a while; Turn off the stereo; and take off the headphones for a day. Pick up a book, newspaper, or brows the internet for useful info. And let's begin to change and save the world.

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