Monday, May 05, 2014

Eve, stop being tricked and used by the Serpent (the government)

This is what's happening to families! 

Women should do their best to keep the biological father in the home, if he's a good man. They should not let the Serpent (the government) tempt them or trick them into leaving or disposing of the father in favor of welfare, child support, public housing, or whatever. The Serpent is always trying to trick or use Eve -- the woman. But it never uses or tricks Adam -- the man. The Serpent only goes after Eve. That's why women should always be leery of the Serpent (the government). If women are going to be "strong and independent", they  need to be strong and independent against the Serpent. Their husbands are the only ones that have their best interest, not the Serpent. Their children need their father. And the father needs to be in the same house, under the same roof.  This is essential for children's economic, social, and psychological well-being. Without the father, we will see more disrespectful, antisocial, and ungrateful children at an alarming rate. Studies have confirmed this.

The Serpent and its devilish welfare polices, corrupt family law courts, child-support-slave system, and no-fault divorce have done a good job at tempting and luring Eve in with these poisonous fruits -- fruits that are destroying her family. With over 72% of divorces initiated by women, the Serpent is being successful at using Eve (women). Because of this, fathers are being systematically removed from the home. Now, the Serpent (the government) is the new father, boyfriend, or husband. However, most of  the financial burden is still pushed onto the disenfranchised, biological father through the corrupt courts and through child support enforcement; no surprise there. 

Moreover, I utilized the Adam and Eve story (Genesis 3:1-24) from the Bible as a metaphor to illustrate what is happening to families in this country, and how certain women are being used to intentionally or unintentionally disintergrate their families. What has to happen now? Men and women -- especially men -- need to roll up their sleeves and tell the government to stay out of their business and out of certain aspects of domestic relations, especially concerning their children. 

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