Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Your children are owned by the State

It's unsafe for people to have children in the United States. This is especially true for men. Every child born in the United States run a 95% chance of getting exploited by the United States government. With Social Services, Children Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement, Family Law Courts, Welfare, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Numbers, children are fundamentally "wards of the State". 

Parents may have biological relations with their children, and they may be parents biologically, but again, their children are "wards of the State". Their children belong to the government. If this is not true, why does the government have the ability or power to take people's children away? Why does the government have the ability or power to tell men how much they are going to pay for their children in a child support case? Why does the government have the ability or power to tell parents that they can't physically discipline their children? Because, the government owns the children. Once a mother or father signs a Birth Certificate and their children are given a Social Security Number (mark of the BEAST), their children are no longer theirs -- legally. 

For men, their children can be used to plunder them of money in a child support case. This generates revenue for the State (the Government -- Uncle Sam). Almost parallel to the father, children can be used against the mother in a so-called "child endangering case", a means by which the State can justify violating the mother's rights. 

These revelations or issues are profoundly unsettling. Do you want to know why? Because parents in the United States allow these issues to persist. In addition, parents spend too much time watching TV, watching sports, working, socializing, getting incarcerated, and letting the schools raise their children. Many parents in the United States have fundamentally given up their "best interest of the child", and they have let the State have the "best interest of the child". But the State never has the "best interest of the child", because the State doesn't have emotions or feelings. The State is an artificial person -- a legal fiction that serves its own interests. That's all it does.

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