Monday, June 09, 2014

If you take our guns, take the government's guns, too

It's  our natural and constitutional rights to bear arms

[Revised Version]

Every time there is a mass shooting, here comes a group of liberals and people who don't know any better saying, "Take the guns." "We need more gun control." It's the guns." It's funny how these gun issues came up during Bill Clinton's presidency. Now, they're coming up again during Barack Obama's presidency. How strange, both men are affiliated with the same political party (the Democratic party). This is the same political party that created the welfare state and harsh child support laws. This is the same political party that allows people to leech off of other people, and this is the same political party responsible for the epidemic of fatherless homes. No surprise there. But to be fair, the Republicans are no better. Both of them -- Democrats and Republicans -- are a part of the same oppressive system.

Now, let me tell all of you how stupid these liberals and anti-gun people sound -- when it comes to guns and mass murder. When police officers, for example, shoot an innocent old lady, a young boy, or a lawful protester, do any of you ever hear the liberals or anti-gun people say, "Take the guns from the police; they just shot innocent people"? Or, when U.S. soldiers were ordered to kill masses of innocent people who had nothing to do with 911th, did any of you ever hear the liberals come out and say, "Take the U.S. soldier's guns; they just killed a bunch of innocent people"? Or, when the U.S. government dropped two atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima (killing thousands of people, mainly civilians), did any of you ever hear the liberals come out and say, "Don't let the U.S. government build anymore bombs, because it just killed thousands of people in Japan"? No, you never heard the liberals or anyone else come out and say those things. You only hear this anti-gun rhetoric when a private citizen commits mass murder -- never when the government does it.

It appears, the State (or government) is allowed to commit mass murder (or have a monopoly on violence) and nothing is ever said about taking the governments guns, nor is anything said about regulating the government's guns. Yet, when one our own (a private citizen) commits the same acts, we want to take or regulate the guns of private citizens. And that is an unrealistic solution! My solution is this; if we're going take away guns, then the State should not be allowed to have guns, either. That way, we are all safe -- or would we? 

See, what is happening is the State and ignorant people are trying to convert another social power (the right to bear arms) into State power. Before long, the State will have all the power, and the citizens won't have any power. And if people keep allowing the State to have a monopoly on everything, one day they are going to wake up with military boots on their faces.

Lastly, I don't appreciate other citizens asking or using the State or its collective power to try to take away my guns, other people’s guns, or anything else we have in our possession. Furthermore, what these people are doing is using and asking the State to take guns so they can feel safe. What these people don't understand is that the State is not going to protect them by taking away the guns. What the State is going to do is oppress, manipulate and exploit people even more so, because people won't have guns to protect themselves. The aforesaid is the end result.This is why people are fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

The guns are not going anywhere, unless the government is willing to give up its guns, too. 

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