Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The decline of two-parent homes have decimated this country

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If black people want to know what happened to their family structure and why they are worse off today than in the 1940s, ’50s and early ’60s, they can trace most of their woes directly to the federal government’s infiltration of the civil rights movement.

People like Gloria Steinem (a so-called feminist and former instrument of the CIA), Lyndon B. Johnson, Sen. Russell Long, Jimmy Carter and late Bill Clinton all had a hand in the destruction of the nuclear family, especially the black family. These people created the welfare state, the child support program and promoted single-mother homes. They also crafted diabolical welfare policies that set ablaze self-defeat. These people and their devilish polices started to manifest during and after the civil rights movement. Most of them were, and some still are, members of the Democratic Party, the party black people keep voting for. 

Black matriarchy/single-mother homes, black-on-black crime, chaos, intense poverty and illegitimate children increased as result of what was mentioned in the above paragraph. Now these same policies and programs — including radical feminism — are rapidly destroying white families as well, especially the lower and middle-class white families. No surprise.

Ever since the 1970s (the rise of the anti-two parent home), an influx of young men from single-mother homes (mostly black men) started to fill the prisons. This proves that fatherless homes have a profound and detrimental effect on young boys’ psyches. And the government knows this, by the way. Furthermore, in single-mother homes, young boys are not taught how to build and how to be an alpha male in an alpha world. Now, we can clearly see why so many black men function as they do in society.

Just look at the statistics with regards to black-on-black crime, single-mother homes, illegitimacy etc. You will find these woes drastically increased after the civil rights and feminist movements. Before these movements, only 9 percent of black families with children were headed by a single parent. It is obvious the solution to most of these problems is the two-parent home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published in the Mansfield News Journal on July 19, 2014. The purpose of this article is to inform the human race about the consequences of producing and raising children without having the feminine and masculine aspects present. When one of these aspects are missing from a child’s life, what is left is an un-stabled child -- harsh but true.  It is very important that parents understand this. 

What the U.S. Government is trying to create is a matriarchy in all communities. Thus-far, looking at the black community, matriarchy has failed. This is why there is so much dysfunction in the black community, boys and girls being raised without the masculine aspect. And this will happen to other communities or races of people if they allow the government to root a matriarchy in their communities. Ghettos and dysfunction will follow. To prevent this, women must not be subsidized by the government to be single mothers or to be rewarded for producing multiple children they cannot financially support. Only through welfare (handouts) can the government produce or achieve such diabolical results.  

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