Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Human evolution is Bullsh*t

 "Evolution say people came from monkeys and the question is 'why is there still monkeys?' You dumb mothe*fu*ker you." --Katt Williams

I love Katt Williams. But I digress. If we do, in fact, evolve, then many of us should have gotten much smarter and wiser over time, but we haven't. Have racism, sexism, classicism, wars, murder and poverty been done away with by human beings who are evolving and getting smarter? Nope! Human beings are going in reverse -- devolving. Everything else is getting smarter, except human beings. Water is getting smarter (Smart Water). Cell phones are getting smarter (Smart Phones). Watches are getting smarter (Smart Watches). TVs are getting smarter (Smart TVs). Everything else is getting smarter, leaving us behind. Those things I just named, they do what we can't do or too lazy to do. Evolution is ,in fact, true for technology, but not true for biology, as far as I can see. Our style of clothes may change. Our hairstyle may change, and our bodies may get fatter or skinnier because of the food we ingest, but we are not evolving.

I've been on this earth for 38 years, and I haven't seen humans evolve into anything different. I've seen human behavior get worse as technology evolve, but that's it. Evolution as far as humans are concerned is utter BS!!!

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